Announcing TriVice Web application launch

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Announcing TriVice Web application launch

We are proud to announce the launch of our novel web application TriVice, which is purpose-built to triage and manage acute referrals to the Plastic Surgical Department, Birmingham Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

TriViceTM is also available on mobile that can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play store. The app is fully integrated with various NHS services and Trust’s internal Electronic Health Record system. It captures patient demographics, details of the injury and facilitates the upload of clinical photographs and images.

The app processes the information provided, based on in-built clinical pathways and provides advice, which is then validated by the plastic surgical team. It enables real-time notification and communication with referring clinicians including photography. It is envisaged that the app will enhance communication between the referring Emergency Department and neonatal clinician and the plastic surgery on-call team by making the referral process easier, smoother, and more seamless and with better documentation. TriVice has been reviewed and approved for use by the MHRA and independent medico-legal experts.
The application has been cyber security checked and a DPIA has been done to meet GDPR requirements. Soon other specialities such as Ophthalmology, Rehemotology and Dermatology will start using the TriVice application. Please do get in touch if your Trust/Department would like to arrange a demo or a free trial.



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