Announcing successful integration of v-Consult with NHS Login

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Announcing successful integration of v-Consult with NHS Login

We are proud to announce that our online and video consultation platform v-Consult now integrates with NHS Login. During the Covid pandemic, online consultation played a crucial role in enabling the GP practices to provide essential healthcare to their patients. v-Consult being already established with patients and having the reassurance of the NHS login button and the NHS brand will mean the transition to online services will be much easier and smoother. NHS login will provide patient authentication to ensure a secure and seamless linkage to medical records.


Having the NHS branding and the NHS login functionality on the service gives patients more confidence and reassurance to switch to online consultations easily.

The initial benefit for the GP practices will be access to secure patient data which they could confidently link to the right medical record. This will enable clinical staff to triage patients more efficiently and effectively.

Patients were more likely to attend an online consultation, therefore resulting in potential cost-saving by the reduction in ‘Did Not Attend’ (DNA) appointments.

v-Consult is one of a few systems in the UK, which seamlessly integrates patient consultation and admin requests to GP systems such as EMIS (EMIS Web) and TPP (SystmOne).

Find Capri on the NHS national buying catalogue for DFOCVC( Digital First Online Consultation and Video Consultation). For enquiries please email us at


v-Consult integrates with NHS login


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