Bordesley East Primary Care Network implements DigiPractice

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Bordesley East Primary Care Network implements DigiPractice

We are very excited to share the news that Bordesley East Primary Care Network (PCN) decided to implement DigiPractice to their six surgeries. The implementation of DigiPractice will benefit nearly 35,000 patient in the Bordesley East area of Birmingham. By keeping Patient experience in the centre of its design, the portal will provide features such as Condition Triaging, Self Care, Prescription & Enquiry Forms (New patient registration, Online registration, Travel, Sick Note, etc.), A-Z Condition search, Well Being Content, Medication reviews, Self Referrals. Team Capri is very excited as well as under pressure to deliver high-quality services in a very tight timeline. We recently discovered that a few practices have no web presence at this moment due to contract expiry (no pressure!). Busy days ahead! 

And forgot to mention! 2 more practices have agreed to trail our total triage product v-Consult to deal with a high influx of telephone calls from patients for appointments. Stay tuned for more updates.



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