Capri has been awarded Welsh Government funding by the SBRI Centre of Excellence

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Capri has been awarded Welsh Government funding by the SBRI Centre of Excellence

We are delighted to announce that Capri has been awarded Welsh Government funding by the SBRI Centre of Excellence to improve access to information for relatives and carers of patients whilst their loved ones are in hospital and reduce the demand on staff time.

The awards will see Capri Healthcare running a three-month project, undertaking a feasibility study of implementing and scaling up the TriVice – patIentCentral platform in a real-world environment, and building evidence for future uptake and spread.

When a family member is an inpatient in a hospital setting, it can be a challenging time for relatives who are concerned and want timely information on their loved one’s condition. This is especially the case for urgent admissions or ones where the patient’s diagnosis, condition or prognosis is unclear. Even when patients are admitted electively, families still want to receive updates but do not always need to speak to someone.

The aim is for the TriVice – patIentCentral platform to bridge the communication gap between relatives and hospital staff and be adopted for use in the NHS, where they can provide benefits for patients and the overall community. Phase 1 of this project will focus on studying the feasibility of building a secured web-based communication platform for relatives and healthcare workers to communicate medical updates.

Commenting on the funding, Dr Gagan Belludi, Clinical Advisor of Capri Healthcare, said:

“Communication, communication and communication are the three main reasons for building or breaking the trust between the healthcare system and the next of kin. This is even more so important in the case of an inpatient frail older person with cognitive impairment when the concerned next of kin do not get timely health updates.”

Through this SBRI funding, Capri will look at the value of providing a SAAS model for their product based on the feedback from relatives, patients and NHS staff, thereby providing commissioners with options to use TriVice – patIentCentral.

During an interview, Valleesh Athreya, Director of Capri Healthcare said.”We’re absolutely delighted that we’ve received this funding to further develop our work and scale our technology. The SBRI funding pays testament to the determination, passion and innovation that Capri has consistently shown.” 

All case management, as well as tailored self-help tools and resources for patients, are integrated into their own dashboard, providing the right support where and when they need it.

“Capri offers exciting, innovative approaches to responding to the needs to support the NHS with patient communication and provide an innovative and sustainable way of supporting current and future challenges in the NHS”, said Krishna Thakur, Director of Capri Healthcare. 

About SBRI:

SBRI Centre of Excellence is hosted by Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board and funded by Welsh Government. Their aim is to work with Public Sector Bodies to identify and resolve unmet needs/challenges within health. They do this by running competitions inviting Industry to work with us to develop innovative and exciting solutions to improve the health and well-being of those living in Wales.

About Capri: 

Capri Healthcare is an organization driven by the vision of turning the NHS Digital First strategy into reality by bringing digital innovation to healthcare providers. Leading healthcare organizations into the digital era by redesigning and developing patient-centric online systems (web & mobile), Capri Healthcare helps significantly reduce the burden on staff as well as the NHS. The company prides itself in offering a range of technology-driven innovative solutions that drive the healthcare industry’s digital agenda. Visit


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