What is v-Clinik?

v-Clink (virtual Clinic ) provides a real-time visual and audio patient assessment at a distance. This service is especially suitable during COVID-19 pandemic or when the patent is unable to travel to the clinic. All communication is encrypted and the doctor and patient will be able to exchange files and images.

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What does v-Clinik do?

  • Standalone Mobile-enabled Video consultation platform
  • Ability to book a Video Consultation slot by the Practice
  • Ability to start the Video Consultation session by the GP
  • Ability to join the Video Consultation by the Patient
  • Secure and Encrypted communication between GP and Patient
  • Session recording for Audits and Training (Optional)
  • Ability to chat with patients during the call (Optional)
  • Ability to upload files and send them securely (Optional)
  • White Labeling (Optional) 

What benefits does v-Clinik offer?

  • Quick Set up time: No DOWNLOADS!!! Internet browser-based
  • Reducing the spread of infections
  • Reducing travel – Reduction in Carbon footprint
  • Reducing the stress of travelling to surgery
  • Reduce the cost of Follow up appointments
  • Reduce the number of administration and reception overhead
  • Reduce the Home Visit by GPs
  • Free up more time for new appointments
  • Patient-Centric – Reduction in carer arrangement

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