What is v-Converge?

A futuristic platform aiding smooth and secure message transfer between heterogeneous yet bespoke EHR systems by providing conversion of unstructured data into structured data in international FHIR standards. Where the provider has an existing native EMR and depending on the interop maturity of these native systems, v-Converge provides Healthcare organizations, the additional tools within the platform as text analytics for health that transform data in free text to FHIR and help unlock the power of structured insights from unstructured bioinformatics data across clinical notes, electronic health record, Lab and other diagnostics reports, etc and improve the patient care by converting into and connecting meaningful data generated within siloed clinical areas. Using machine learning models and predictive analytics, we believe the health care organsiations can identify clinically and use it to gain better insight into patient conditions and improve cost efficiencies, quality and patient safety.

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