Revolutionising Primary Healthcare: Total Triage Made Easy with v-Consult

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Revolutionising Primary Healthcare: Total Triage Made Easy with v-Consult

Embracing Digital Innovation for Safer, Efficient, and Patient-Centric Care

In today’s rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, embracing digital innovation is crucial to delivering high-quality care while ensuring patient safety. The National Health Service (NHS) in the UK has set forth its ambitious Digital First strategy, urging healthcare organizations to adopt total triage and remote patient management to safeguard patients and staff from avoidable risks of infection. Capri Healthcare, with its groundbreaking SaaS product, v-CONSULT (Virtual Consult), has stepped up to lead the charge in promoting total triaging, offering a revolutionary solution that enhances practice efficiencies and elevates patient care.

The Era of Total Triage:

Total triage represents a paradigm shift in healthcare, where patient interactions are conducted remotely, harnessing the power of digital technologies. Under the NHS’s five-year GP contract, practices in England are mandated to provide online consultations since April 2020 and video consultations since April 2021. v-CONSULT embraces this new era, empowering GP surgeries to seamlessly transition to total triage and embrace remote consultations across multiple platforms.

The Power of v-CONSULT:

v-CONSULT, the brainchild of Capri Healthcare, is designed to empower GP surgeries to offer online consultations while ensuring patients receive care based on clinical need. The key features of the platform, such as capturing COVID-19 symptoms, identifying critical illnesses, and an inbuilt workflow for clinical, prescription, and administrative tasks, allow GPs to make informed decisions swiftly and efficiently.

Seamless Integration for Better Outcomes:

One of the hallmarks of v-CONSULT is its seamless integration with leading healthcare systems like SYSTMONE and EMIS. This integration streamlines the adoption process, allowing GP practices to fully embrace digital transformation without disrupting their existing workflows. As a result, practices can focus on patient care, knowing that the technology effortlessly supports their needs.

Empowering Patients, Enhancing Care:

At the heart of v-CONSULT lies a patient-centric approach. Patients can now submit their symptoms and requests electronically, access NHS self-help information, utilize a symptom checker, and be directed to the most appropriate care for their needs. This empowerment not only reduces unnecessary GP appointments but also saves time for both patients and the dedicated GP practice staff.

Efficiency Redefined:

With v-CONSULT’s efficient triage system, the need for manual triaging by the administrative team is significantly reduced, allowing them to focus on other essential tasks. The result is increased practice efficiency, reduced waiting periods, and seamless patient flow within the healthcare system.

The Safety and Security Imperative:

Data protection and patient confidentiality are paramount in healthcare. v-CONSULT ensures GDPR compliance, securing patient data through encrypted data transfers. With age restrictions for patients under 13, parental consent is required, ensuring the safety of younger patients.

Patient Satisfaction: The Ultimate Measure of Success:

The success of v-CONSULT is validated by the high patient satisfaction rates reported from anonymous patient surveys. Patients appreciate the convenience, accessibility, and personalised care that this cutting-edge technology enables.


As healthcare advances into the digital age, total triage powered by v-CONSULT emerges as the future of patient care. Capri Healthcare’s dedication to turning the NHS’s Digital First strategy into reality is exemplified by this innovative SaaS product. By promoting total triaging using v-CONSULT, healthcare organisations can optimise efficiency, enhance patient satisfaction, and ultimately save lives. The path to a safer, more efficient, and patient-centric healthcare system lies before us, and v-CONSULT is leading the way.

Embrace the future of healthcare today with v-CONSULT. Unlock the power of total triaging and elevate your practice to new heights of efficiency, patient care, and digital innovation. Join the revolution and be at the forefront of healthcare transformation. Visit to learn more and take the first step towards a brighter, healthier future.



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