TriVice integrates with the NHS Personal Demographics Service (PDS)

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TriVice integrates with the NHS Personal Demographics Service (PDS)

Birmingham, UK – Capri Healthcare, the fastest growing health tech company in the midlands, today unveiled the successful integration of its market-leading triage and referral application TriVice with the NHS Personal Demographics Service (PDS) – the national electronic database of NHS patient details such as name, address, date of birth, related people, registered GP and NHS number.

TriVice is a clinician-to-clinician system that assists in processing routine referrals into predetermined pathways of care with the ability to send feedback, and tailored clinical advice to the referring team. It is a simple, powerful clinical Triage and Advice management system available on the web and mobile. It is a platform developed to minimise avoidable referrals and decrease direct dependence on the availability of specialist clinicians in physical proximity. NHS Trusts can run their medical case through clinical pathways and get access to quick authentic Triage guidelines from the specialists.


  • Saves critical time waiting by the referring clinicians for the specialists, to submit referrals.
  • Improves patient experience through quick treatment and reduced waiting time.
  • Available on the Mobile (iPhone/Android) and Web app to the referrers, the referee and the admin staff.


Who can access PDS records*
Health and care organisations in England and the Isle of Man can access PDS records. Legitimate direct care examples include NHS organisations delivering healthcare, local authorities delivering care, third sector and private sector health and care organisations, and developers delivering systems to health and care organisations.

Patients included in PDS*
Regardless of nationality, or where they live now, PDS includes all patients who have ever been registered with a GP practice, or treated by a health or care organisation (even as a visitor or migrant) in England, Wales, the Isle of Man, or in a UK Defence Medical Services unit anywhere in the world.

All patients in PDS have an NHS number which is unique. The 10-digit NHS number is used in England, Wales, the Isle of Man, Scotland and Northern Ireland, but not the Channel Islands. Scotland and Northern Ireland have their distinct number ranges.

Other Integration
TriVice already integrates into Trust’s EMR & PAS and image storage systems WABA via the Orion Health Rhapsody Trust Integration Engine (TIE). TriVice uses HL7 v2 messages. HL7 (Health Level 7) is an international message format for transmitting and receiving structured data related to healthcare. TriVice also integrates with the leading research database REDCap.

About Capri

Capri Healthcare is an organization driven by the vision of turning the NHS Digital-first strategy into reality by bringing digital innovation into the working of NHS and private healthcare organisations. We lead healthcare organisations into the Digital Era by redesigning and developing patient-centric online systems (Web & Mobile), reducing the burden on staff and NHS. We pride ourselves on offering a range of technology-driven innovative solutions to the healthcare industry driving your digital agenda.

Our Values
At Capri, how we work is just as important as what we produce. We are guided by a set of five values, each chosen by the very people who embody them. Patient Focus, Integrity, Innovation, Reliability and Teamwork. These values shape our company’s DNA, reflecting the unique blend of qualities found in every member of our team. For more information, please visit

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[* Source: NHS Digital]


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